Book Review: Prophecy by S.J. Faerlind (Reviewed by Hypervorean of Numinous Publications)

Hypervorean says: “This book was given to me by the author in exchange for this review. My thanks go to S.J. Faerlind for the great opportunity.”


Lirieia’s Children #1

by S.J. Faerlind

Self-published, 2012

Paperback edition

324 pages


Imagine a completely docile people, who are drawn to the need of others and run in the face of strong emotions; a people who live in accordance with nature and are unable to kill or even hurt another creature. These are the Orryn. Then imagine another people, who live only of the meat they catch and kill themselves, who are brash and unafraid in their superiority. These are the Griffin. Imagine the complications of these two people living together, sheltered from a world of humans where an evil lord is ruling. There you have the setting of Prophecy.

Prophecy is a very decent debut novel. Above all I would say that it is an easily accessible story. There is not much in it that does not feel familiar in some way. This is a quality that can be both good and bad. Generally I think that S.J. Faerlind has pulled it off well enough for this book to be worthwhile reading.

The plot is good, although it doesn’t offer much in the vein of surprises. It is a pretty straight-forward story. This can be nice when you just wish to escape into another world after a long hard day, but if you are not in that zone it might seem altogether a little too unchallenging to the reader.

The language was steady and flowed very well, but there were a few things about it that annoyed me. First off S.J. Faerlind seems to have a habit of writing paragraphs that are entirely too long and unfocused. It made parts of the book move along a lot slower than it had to, which is a shame.

Secondly, the author seems to have a great love of exclamation marks; never have I seen so many exclamation marks used in one single book. It really creates the feeling that the author is yelling at you, desperate to make you see the point she is trying to make. This really ruined my perception of the book a bit.

Other than that it might be argued whether the balance between show and tell was quite right. All the way through the book I had an awareness that the story was being told to me rather than shown. I am not entirely certain however whether that was due to the language or a lack of catchiness within the book.

I think it is already well established that Prophecy is not a particularly original book. There was one people that had me intrigued though, namely the Orryn. To me they resembled a bit of a mix between elves and the Tuatha’an (tinkers) from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I found them to be very interesting, although the author did seem to put a little too much emphasis upon how outlandish their ways were instead of just letting us see that for ourselves.

Yes, I have quite a bit of critique for this book. But in spite of all that I still did like it and I am glad that I got the chance to read it. I like to think that there are books for every situation; this is a book that is easy to escape into if you have had a troubled day, its familiarity is comforting and pulls you right in.

I am looking forward to see where the second instalment of the series will take us. Prophecy certainly promises some quite interesting things.


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