An Interview with Celtic/Fantasy Composer BrunuhVille

Today we’re pleased to sit down to an interview with rising composer BrunuhVille (Bruno), who hails from Portugal and writes inspiring Celtic/Fantasy music. Much of his music can be found on YouTube and is available for download from Bandcamp and iTunes. (Links at the bottom of the interview.)

ITW: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? Just the basics: who you are, where you’re from, and so forth?

BV: My real name is Bruno, 23 years old,  I am from Portugal and I am an independent composer.

ITW: How long have you been composing? What inspired you to start composing?

BV: I’ve been composing in a serious way for the last 3 to 4 years but I play piano for like 8 years.
What gave me inspiration to start composing were bad things that were happening in my life in that time. I started to compose sad music because of that, and quickly I started to get some views and some people enjoying my music.
ITW: What are your favourite instruments to work with?

BV: I only work on my piano/keyboard. But of course I use a lot of different sounds. My favourite ones are Piano sounds, Strings no doubt.
ITW: Which other musicians are you most inspired by?

BV: One of my favourite bands is Nightwish and I got inspired by Tuomas Holopainen. I also get inspiration from movie soundtracks, composers like Hanz Zimmer, and for piano pieces I got some inspiration from composers like Yiruma or Brian Crain.

ITW: Do you have a typical “process” for composing a song, or is the process of composing each one slightly different?
BV: It pretty much depends of what type of song I am working in.
Usually for Gothic music I start with the piano lines and I add the strings after.
For Celtic music I usually start with the Harp lines and then the Flute, Strings etc. But as I said, it pretty much depends. I dont compose always the same way so it is a bit difficult to tell.
ITW: How long does it take you to compose most songs?

BV: Well, in a normal 3 to 5 minutes song it might take up to 4hours to get all the song constructed, at least in my head. Then to record all parts, editing etc it might take another 2 or 3 hours. So for most of the songs I take about 6 to 8 hours to finish them. It might be all done in a single day or in 2 days.
ITW: You write a lot of “Celtic” music. What draws you that particular kind of music?

BV: The magic of it. Celtic music is amazing in so many ways. It brings you to another world, a fantasy world. Since The Lord of The Rings movies that I wanted to do some stuff like that, but in that time my composing skills were limited. My Celtic music is very “fantasy based” as you can hear, and I like how people say stuff like “your Celtic music inspired me to write about elves” or “I love to listen your Celtic music while drawing cause it gives me inspiration”. It’s great to read comments like that because it means that I could pass my imagination to people trough my music.
ITW: Is there a song on your YouTube channel that has special meaning to you? Would you like to tell us more about it and perhaps about what inspired you to write it?

BV: There are a few that are very personal. I made a series of compositions named “New Dawn” and “Tales from The Dead Poet” and those are probably the most personal ones because were composed when I had a bad time in my family and in a relationship. Most recently I composed a song called “Remember” which is one of my personal favourites as well and is also very personal with a lot of feelings in it.

ITW: Where can we buy your music?
BV: You can find my music on iTunes , Amazon , BandCamp etc,
Bandcamp :


Thank you very much for the interview, BrunuhVille! It was wonderful to talk to you, and we hope that many of our readers can find bliss and inspiration in your music.

More of BrunuhVille’s music, from his YouTube channel…


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