Spenser sallies forth, then rests on his laurels by Esther Greenleaf Murer

A Young Knight of Malta by Thomas Gibson
Early 18th Century

(First line from a dream)

I saved the Master’s life above the can,                    
a feat which I had never tried before;
then hopped the next boat to Baluchistan   
and slew the dreaded Lobster Thermidor.
Thus baptized with brandy and Gruyère,
I went and rid the world of all its scourges,
then retired me to a lonely moor
where water ouzels sing their doleful dirges,
sweet sad songs of maidens perched on cusps and verges.


Esther Greenleaf Murer’s poems have appeared in numerous ezines, most recently in the “J is for Jabberwocky” issue of The Centrifugal Eye. Links may be found on her blog: esthergreenleafmurer.blogspot.com  She published her first poetry collection, Unglobed Fruit, in 2011.  She lives in Philadelphia.